Maximize Project Window Spanned across Multiple Displays

I have one feature request that deals specifically with spanning the Project Window across 2 or more displays. I like to work with additional realestate for the project window. Currently I have to unmaximize the project window and then strech the window across 2 displays. The problem with this is the main cubase taskbar which contains File, Edit, etc. snaps to either one display or another. With this functionality I can’t expand/strech the project window to cover the whole desktop on both screens. The main cubase taskbar prevents the window from being expanded overtop causing the display without the task bar to show the desktop.

The request would be to either allow for full expansion of the project window and then have the main cubase taskbar always on top or allow the project window to maximize across multiple displays and include the main cubase taskbar at the top of one of the displays like normal. An example of the maximize expansion can be see with the later Citrix clients where you load a citrix session, change to Windowed format, strech window across the screens you want then when you maximize the window knows to maximize across all the displays you streched the window across.

Thank you in advanced as this is just an annoyance.