Maximizer Latency / Insert vs Channel Strip

If if use the stock Maximizer plugin as as insert, I get around 6ms of latency added to my signal chain, which I can see in the mix console.

However, if I use it in the channel strip, it doesn’t indicate any latency at all! Infact, if I use Mageneto II, or stack my channel strip full of effects, the mix console shows no latency at all.

I know these plugins aren’t identical between the insert effects and channel strip, but is it really latency free? If it IS latency free, does this mean I’m losing audio quality? If I’m not losing any quality, then why does the insert create 6ms of latency at all? Surely the latency free code could just be moved into the insert effect?!

Can someone from Steinberg clear up this confusion at all? Should I be using the strip plugins over the insert equivalents?

PS. I assume this is the same going back as long as the channel strip has been part of Cubase?


Hi Schodemeiss,

the channel strip plug-ins are implemented to have as little or better no latency at all. For the Maximizer, for example, it means that, it does not look ahead, as the insert plug-in does. So, dynamic behaviour is a bit different indeed. Not worse in general, just different.