Maximum file size question

If I look at the concept of using VST Live, I can put together several setlists from all the songs in my/our repertoire and use them live. That means that I have to edit about 50 songs for our band in a single VST LIVE project to have them all available. Since songs once edited cannot be saved and imported separately as separate sub-files, the question arises at some point of how large a VST Live (Master)file can be so that it can still be used fluently? Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to save and re-import songs separately to be more flexible in terms of file size?
Has anyone created a really large file and experienced handling and playback?

Not true, Songs/Save Song

Youre Right! I was wrong! I usaly was looking for save/load functions under Edit and not under Songs! So if you want delete this post!