Maximum file size

What is the maximum file size for Dorico 4? At 6,580 kB, Dorico keeps losing information.

I doubt there is a maximum file size; but if there is, it’s larger than that. I have files that are over 12 Mb.

Most of the size is VST plug-in status information. If you’re using lots of VSTs, then that will make a bigger file.

What information gets lost?

Thank you for your reply. I have a score for 4 pianos. In some flows sometimes 2 pianos (music plus instrument) disappear. Now in the last flow almost 60% of all music has disappeared. If it’s not the file size, why?

I don’t know what you are experiencing… Are you syre it’s disappeared? I mean, if you look at your score in write mode galley view, are you positive stuff has disappeared? Because I am wondering whether you’ve given different instruments to the same player instead of creating different players, and page view would not show everything — just guessing here…
In any case I have created several really long files (including a full score opera, 27 flows, 1h20 of music) and have not lost a single note… The pdf itself is 8.8 MB…

For entering music I use Galley view. I have 4 players, 4 times Pianoforte from The Grand 3, and sometimes the pianofortes 3 and 4 disappear within 1 flow. Annoying when I have to enter it all over again. This issue arose after the update from Dorico 3.5 to 4.0.

Next time it happens, please save the file as it is, and upload it here, so that someone can take a look at it.

If you don’t want to make it public, then you can send it to one of the Dorico team, or Message someone like Marc or me.

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Thanks for the tip!