Maximum Number of Avid/Euphonix Artist Mix Units at Once?

Hi guys,

I’m moving from Mackie Control and HUI to Eucon. I had 40 faders working in Mackie Control in Cubase with my old control surface. With HUI in Pro Tools only 32 of the 40 faders would work on the control surface when running in HUI mode but when I switched my control surface to Mackie Control mode in Cubase I could use all 40 faders.

Now, Avid who now owns Euphonix claims ‘only 4x artist mixes are supported’ at once but they will be talking about Pro Tools which likes to only support 32 faders of HUI so it only makes sense that they would want to support only 32 faders of Eucon but…

I have a theory that Steinberg will support more than 4x Avid Artist Mix units at once even though Pro Tools does not. Can anyone confirm?