Maximum number of VCA tracks supported, only 32???

I’m creating a template and getting an error message “Exceeded number of tracks supported by this application. The track is kept, but cannot be modified” when loading a project in Cubase Pro (8.0.5)?

It seems that the 33rd VCA track is the first in the error message dialog to give me this error. Does this mean that “pros” only need 32 of them? :imp: Should I change my workflow to that or is this a bug? Couldn’t find this information neither from web page or from the manual.

I tried this with an empty project. So it seems indeed that 32 tracks is the maximum…

Ok, so on to the removal! “Edit group link settings”, unlink…
:laughing: :laughing:

This is unbeliavable, I managed to remove all 50 VCA tracks with Cubase crashing 5 times! And not always on the same channel so there is no consistency even on the crashing.

Brb, just going to visit an Apple store. That seems to be the only Logical choice.

I can’t imagine ever needing 32 VCA tracks in my own workflow, so I don’t see any problem with that limit… though if that is the maximum, then I suppose it would have been helpful had it been stated in the documentation.

I would suggest you rethink your workflow, but out of morbid curiosity… can I ask why you’re needing that many VCAs? :mrgreen:

You’re in good hands though, Windows will notify you as soon as a solution
becomes available. It’s only a matter of time :slight_smile:

What workflow? Since VCAs have only been introduced with C8Pro, you can hardly have a “workflow” based on them that you need to change.
You are making a template - based on an idea or concept you have in mind, upon which, if successful, you might base a future workflow.
“Workflow” has become such a buzz phrase, and it’s constant misuse is getting rather bothersome.
Sorry for the rant :neutral_face:

If there’s a maximum of 32 allowed, how did you manage to create 50?
Seriously I think tokatila deserves some praise for pointing out this heretofore unmentioned limitation. :wink: