Maximum simultaneous recording tracks

I had a large project (120 simultaneous tracks) to record today. My interface is RME Madiface XT with 3 madi inputs so 192 input channels in total but in Nuendo in the ASIO driver setup page only first 64 are available. What I am missing? Or Nuendo capapable of only 64 traks to record?

Nuendo itself has no limits, really, on the amount of tracks it can handle. Can you use a different driver than ASIO for this?

I think I know what the problem was. Most likely the USB2 cable caused all the problems. The RMEs user manual says that using USB2 cable automatically switches to 70 channel mode. But I will defenetly check it tomorow.

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Hope you can get your hands on some USB3 cable. PCIe would be the best option… but you don’t seem to have that? That gives you the largest bandwidth possible.

Yes, it was a wrong cable that caused this problem. Good lesson for me - always have cables of different types with you at all times. :slight_smile:

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