May be a silly question but ....

I looked at my projects last night for the 1st time since I installed Cubase. Funny thing I noticed is that all my AUDIO files are gone from within each project. This is not good in case I want to work on some songs with another engineer over the net.

So question is, is there a method to create these Aufio folders and all the tracks within the project folder or do I just need to create a folder and manually copy and paste the wav files? Looks like cubase saved all my wav files in the Pool Record Folder.

So far, all I see is the cpr. and the csh (which I’m guessing is the images) inside the project folder.


This is a matter of you taking the bull by the horn, so to speak. You can tell Cubase where to put the files, wave or otherwise. The basic plug and play feature of Cubase creates its ‘own’ folder in the hopes of saving the noobs files. The best way to do what you are wanting is to direct the wave files to a folder in your project of course. You can do this. You can also tell Cubase how often you want to save your project - in 15 minute intervals on up, or not. With this feature you can have your files intact, or not, should you bugger things or crash. Have fun, Cubase is an awesome tool.

Thanks for the reply though I’m definitely not a noob. Been using Cubase since version 4. This has never happened before and I always had all my audio files in the project folder. When I looked at it last night all those Audio folders were gone (all projects from version 4 and on), vanished. My question is, how do I put those tracks into the Audio Folder (which doesn’t exist at the moment) into the Project folder from my opened project?

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Sounds to me like youve got a virus! This should not happen. The only way you can “loose” all your audio files is by deleting them. I would suggest that you back up all your projects to an external drive. No help for your current situation, however there are data recovery apps out there which will restore deleted files completely.

Hmmm …this workstation NEVER goes on line so a virus is out of the question. Oh well, thought there may be something I’m overlooking. There has to be a way to get my tracks back into the project folders from the recording pool. I’ll keep searching :slight_smile:

1 Read up on ‘Back up Project’. Use it to make new versions of your existing projects. The new folders will contain .cpr and copies of all the necessary audio files.

2 In future make sure when you start a project that you assign it to a specific folder. Do this by selecting ‘New Project’ and when the Project assistant opens, set ‘Prompt for project location’ Back up all project folders to another hard drive regularly.

On critical projects I backup to an offline drive everyday, ever since I suddenly lost the entire contents of my audio drive around three years ago. I lost six ongoing album projects and only got them back by going to a hard drive recovery specialist. It cost me over £700!! A few minutes saving what I’ve worked on each day is a whole lot better option, believe me

It’s not likely to be virus IMO.


Thanks Parrott! This did the trick. After the backup it was simply a matter of copy and paste. I think I remember your predicament a couple of years back. I backup my computer and all my projects daily, just never bothered to check the song folders since I assumed all the Audio, Edit, Video and image folders were still in there.

Thanks again!