May have a moving dorico issue

I’m going to move and install Dorico on a new computer. I just realized my password was probably recorded by Windows picking it, as I sometimes do that. Anyway, I didn’t record it anywhere that I can find.

Since it is on my current computer, but not on the other, and I don’t know what it is to put it on the new one.

I was thinking maybe I just sign out, and then sign in and ask for a new password to be sent to my email to be reset. Then use that on my other computer. I don’t know if there is a better way to do this, or even if that will work. If all else fails, I hope I can get a reconfirmation I own Dorico and get tech help reinstalling.

I haven’t started moving it yet, just trying to preempt a possible problem.

Any better suggestions?

Also, I remember something changing and the forum password is different from the steinberg general product password, or is it the other way around and they’re both the same? Or was that my imagination that changed.

Products that use Steinberg Licensing, like Dorico 4 and Dorico 5, all use your Steinberg ID. You also use your Steinberg ID to sign into the forum here, so provided you know the email address and password you use to sign in to the forum, that should be the same credentials you need to use for e.g. Steinberg Activation Manager.