May have consequences for composers

I thought this might be of interest enough to post it here, even though it’s not Dorico related. It might protect your creative output ultimately IMO. And it might even have consequences for composition program usage as well.

"A federal judge ruled that a piece of art generated by AI can’t be copyrighted, a decision that could have consequences for Hollywood studios.

The lawsuit, first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, was brought against the US Copyright Office by plaintiff Stephen Thaler, in an attempt to list his own AI system as the sole creator of an artwork called “A Recent Entrance to Paradise.”

Of course, I don’t know what ruling will be for people in other countries, but similar decisions may be coming eventually everywhere at some point.

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“Don’t tell people you used a computer to write it.”…!!


The law is an ass. [That’s the English ass not the American one!]

Then the worst I wish the law is, that his eye may be opened by experience — by experience.

(Although my hopes are not high for a quick turn-around there. :laughing:
But what the Dickens!)