May I get support?

I want to design an iPhone TouchOSC layout, that resembles the Cubase Channel Settings Window.
I’d like to be able to control everything, even Insert FX, and I would like to display the Track Name, Insert Fx Names, Send Bus Names etc. in TouchOSC.

The Generic Remote doesn’t offer the possibility to send these Names by MIDI sysex, but I know there are Remote Devices with displays, which show track names at least.

Hypercontrol does go even further and displays Insert Fx Names (and let’s it control by Hardware), with it, you can even load Plugins into Insert slots…

I’m no PC programmer and will definately not use Steinbergs’ Remote SDK, I wouldn’t event get it from them :wink:

But there is for example the Mackie HUI Remote Device in Cubase, that sends channel names as sysex. But the Mackie HUI protocol doesn’t allow for other things, the Generic Remote is capable of.

So, I’d like to use existing possibilities, like the Generic Remote, IN CONJUCNTION with another Remote Device, that sends track names of the selected channel at least, set both Remote Devices to the same MIDI out, which PureData then parses and transforms into OSC that TouchOSC receives.

So, the question is, which available Remote Devices offer the best possibilities, sends the most data?

And is there anywhere in www detailed documentation about MIDI implementation for these devices?

I would LOVE to find this out as well. With Touch OSC the Ipad becomes a wonderful remote but not seeing track names is a real limitation.