May the force be with you....

Seems, we have a new battleground…

Let’s go, then…

The biggest K, ever…

Hi Big K!

New battle ground with Avatars, Smilies :nerd: and more goodies.
Nice to see you, and even more curious who we have “lost” during this changeover.


Oh yeah! May the force be with you…

you didn’t loose me… MooohaaahaaaAAA.


Well, nice new forum! Now everyone needs to post something important! :wink:

I´ll get some champagne in the meantime to celebrate the grand new opening :slight_smile:

nor me :frowning:

the force is strong here…



I hate to arrive too early in a party… Then I stopped for a glass in town.
Great to see some known faces. Next round of glass is on me guys !

Back on the block.

The Force is strong for England against Australia too!!
could it be 2-0 coming up in The Ashes?? :mrgreen:

Neil - had a family christmas dinner last night, and had it on while we were unwrapping pressies… couldn’t take my eyes off it. Poor form, but the english are playing so damn well. (And the aussie selectors are playing at something, just not quite sure what!)

I, (like a lot of my friends), was VERY guilty of sticking it up the poms during our rather long streak at the top there, but in the last 4 years, we have fallen a very long way. Time to rebuild the team from the ground up. And time to take the jibes in good spirit as well me thinks. Though I’ll still sing the praises of warnie to anyone who’ll listen.

Sadly, I might not even make it to the sydney test match this year - will be in india.

Now, where were we? Star wars to cricket. Not a bad thread at all.


How dare you…speaking of sports in one of my posts!!! Get off…!!!

Neil started it :wink:

And truth be known… its not sport, its cricket!

The force is still here in New Zealand or more appropriate the Ring is still powerful here in Hobbiton

Oh dude! Hello!

Well, can anyone tell me were the hardware forum is located now? I am in the middle of the research for my new DAW and I posted truckloads of questions in the old forum on the day it was closed…


I’m in! Hi everybody.

Looks a bit strange here, but I think we’ll have get used to it.

Kind regards,

Hehe, yea - looks strange :slight_smile:

Niel, you mentioned the cricket old chap?! :laughing:

Boxing day test is gonna be a big one mate! Hopefully I can catch one of the last days once I get back to Melbourne from my family Christmas etc :sunglasses:

Let’s hope Picky has figured out how to bat again by then eh?!