Maybe a bug with MIDI track record-enable

Every once-in-awhile, while working on one MIDI track, I’ll hit stop and somehow a random MIDI track will get record-enabled on its own along side the current track I’m on. It isn’t a track that I was previous working on or anything. If I unrecord-enable it, once I play and stop it’ll arm itself again. In order for it to cease I have to quit Cubase and restart.

Unfortunately, I have no clue how this happens; I haven’t been able to reproduce it. I’m pretty sure this is some kind of bug, although I’d be surprised to hear it is a preference option that I just keep hitting the key command for.

Thanks for the help.

This was a problem in early iterations of C5 on the Mac…and I’m pretty sure it was quashed by C5.5.2. I haven’t seen it happen on C6 or 6.0.1. However, there might be another culprit at work. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and take a guess that you’re using the standard USB Apple mouse. Here’s the problem…every now and then, those mice go nuts and start spitting out phantom clicks and wheel moves all on their own. I’ve seen this happen with all three I have. I have no idea what sets it off and it usually always requires a restart to clear it.

When it does occur, all kinds of weird stuff starts happening within close proximity of the last cursor position (button presses, contextual menus appearing, text getting selected…etc).

I’m not saying this is what is going on with your machine (you may have a wireless Magic Mouse) and it very well may be Cubase at fault, but it may be a possibility. Generally when it starts going off on its own, you can actually hear a sort of faint static-y sound emitting from the mouse. Sound familiar or not?

Hey Weasel,

Thanks for the response. I’m not using an Apple mouse of any sorts unfortunately. I’m on a Kensington Expert Mouse and it seems to be pretty good not accidentally clicking anywhere (since it has physical buttons instead of touch-response buttons). I’m betting on this is an issue with Cubase. Hopefully I can figure out how to reproduce it so it may be fixed.


It’s not possible that though you are focusing on another track, the track in question is still somehow the “selected” track, is it?

I’m pretty close to changing the Preference that sets the selected track to record automatically, back to the old way I had where I had to manually enable the little red record button. Yesterday I was recording on Track A, and while recording (rendering MIDI, actually) I wanted to go up and look at another audio track that was playing along. Off course when I did that, it stopped recording on the track I wanted it to, and it started overdubbing/recording on the track I wanted to take a peek at.


This issue has been around for me since Cubase 5. I contacted Yamaha about this several times. They never confirmed it however. It still exists in 6 and is very annoying in large projects. (OSX)

Maybe you have a MIDI editor open, for the track that is arming?

If you have a MIDI editor open, then that causes its MIDI track to record arm.
If you then click away from that editor window, so it loses focus, eg to arm a different track, then the first record arm turns off (at least, it does on PC)
But activate the MIDI editor window again, and the first track arms itself again.
(This, apparently, is by design)

That’s a good suggestion. I will keep my eye for it. My only concern is it should happen constantly then as I’m always moving around from MIDI track to MIDI track and the Key Editor switches along with it.

Using Win7-64 and the same thing is happening.

Not been able to pin down what causes it- seems to happen randomly. And, as the OP says, closing and reopening C6 resolves the problem.

No other editors are open when this starts happening although it can show up after I’ve used (and then closed) the score editor. This maybe a coincidence since I tend to use the score editor late into an edit session so it could equally be related to the time I’ve been editing for.

It can happen on large projects and small ones (ie ones with only a few MIDI tracks).

Unfortunately, I can’t work out how to reproduce it and so been unable to make a report.


I posted about this a while ago and it still happens to me in nearly every project I’m working on. The only way to stop this is to quit Cubase and reload everything, which is obviously a pain when in a steady workflow. The only way I know how to recreate (though, not 100% sure) is when I import a MIDI file into a template I’ve been working in.

Hi All,

I found this issue also in my projects.
It started with Cubase 3 continued on 4. When I upgraded to 5.5.2 it seemed to have dissapeared. HOWEVER!!! I have upgraded to CUBASE 6 and it is back again and now even worse!

I have found some threads on the CUBASE.NET archive about this and now find this actually recent thread.

This IS a Bug. And is realyy really really really annoying!
I have ALL settings in preferences to do nothing automatic, No MACKIE, No nothing. And it is still Happening…

Anyone… :imp:

How do these things just show up after a year or two…sheesh!!

All of a sudden now…whenever I open a midi editor…key editor or drum editor…the channel for the track I’m editing arms to record…AND mutes the project’s audio. I’m using 5.5.3.

For a couple of years now I’ve enjoyed double clicking on the midi track and up pops the editor. Tweak a few drum notes…hit the space bar and listen to the midi and the audio. No more…now the channel arms the moment I click within the editor. and the audio is muted…no mute icons…just nothing but the midi track playing…if I shut of the record button, the audi is back…until I click within the editor again … :angry: really a bummer for work flow.

In Prefs, make sure Enable Solo on Track Selection and Solo Record In Editors are un-checked. It probably Rec enables because you also have Track Selection Follows Event Selection.

Thanks Nate,

This was one of those “my dumb” occassions (one of many :laughing: ) I had somehow bumped the “solo editor” button on the key editor. This sets that parameter across all projects (I tested several) and simply solo’s the info in the editor any time you open or click inside the editor…Thanks again