Maybe a decent CC121 alternative.?

A bit pricey (£499+VAT) but seems pretty comprehensive with 46(!) user-assignable buttons…

UF1 (

This looks fantastic! Has anybody here used this with Cubase? I worry about the quality and depth of its integration into it - the CC121 (which I have) works seamlessly, and I wouldn’t want anything less than that.

@Timo00 There’s a video on the product page that shows how to set it up with Cubase and also showcases its integration with it. I only skimmed through the video quickly to get an idea of how well it does and I thought it looked promising. The fancy screen showing EQ curves and level monitoring only works with SSL plugins, but that’s no surprise. I’m considering getting one as a replacement to my old Faderport v1.

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My expectation is, it’s using Mackie Control protocol to talk to Cubase, right?

Wow, the UF1 + UC1 + UF8 controllers combination looks impressive.

Oof, that video that shows how to set this thing up to work with Cubase is over 30 minutes long, and skimming through it, it’s not exactly seamless. Sure, tons of options to fiddle with and tweak things, but I much prefer the opposite - a purpose-built device for Cubase that “just works”.

So here’s to hoping my CC121 isn’t going to die any time soon :slight_smile:

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Yes - and yes.! :smiley: :+1: :muscle: :clap:

Agreed, setup does look a little ‘fiddly’ shall we say; but some care and patience seems like it will be well rewarded…

And, no worries - Steinberg/Yamaha made a true workhorse gem; your CC121 will be happy for many years yet… :muscle: :muscle::muscle: :+1:

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