Maybe cubase 13.0.10 has some bugs. Acoustic feedback, Process Bar

I found 2 bugs at cubase 13.

  1. I always use Acoustic Feedback in Key Editor.
    It works well when I click a note, or draw velocity in CC Lane, but it not works when I adjust velocity with mouse wheel in Info Bar.
    (When I move the mouse wheel with the cursor over the velocity value in the info bar, the velocity value changes but there is no sound.)

  2. There is “Process Bar” Menu in Tempo Track Editor window.
    I inserted a bar in the middle of the song using “process bar” menu, some tracks have a bar inserted and some tracks have no bar inserted. The pre-drawn tempo data did not move either.


This is a known and already reported issue.

Do you what is the factor, which tracks have the bar inserted and which don’t? Is it a track type? Or something different?

They are same midi or instrument tracks. I think the tracks at the bottom in the track order of the project window don’t add bars.
(There are no locked tracks.)


Could you please add a screenshot before and after?


Process (insert 4 bars)

After1 (Tempo data not moved)

After2 (Track number 52, 53, 54 not added bars. 2 audio track and 1 Instrument track. There are no locking track.))

Windows 11, Intel Zeon E5-2697 v3, 64GB Ram


To me it looks like the MIDI/Instrument Tracks inserted the Time, if the were split at the given time. And Audio Tracks didn’t split. Or did you find other result, plesae?

I cannot reproduce it here, sorry.

Do you have a Ruller Track in the project by any chance?

There are no ruler track in the project.
When you see my last screenshot, bottom track(pad1) didn’t split. The track is instrument track.(not audio track)
And with the data in the tempo track, bar was added, but the data in the tempo track did not move backward. That is the problem.
(please compare tempo track data between before and after1)


The Pad1 is an Instrument Track.

yes! That’s what I’m saying.
It’s instrument track, but not splited with add bar.


Agreed. I’m still trying to reproduce it, but it works on my side.

I think I found rule of problem.
When the ruler track is at the top of the project, ‘Insert bar’ does not seem to work properly.
‘Delete bar’ works well.

Sorry, there is ruler track top of project.


Interesting. This might be it. Could you try to remove it, please? Mot hide, remove. Just for a test. Thank you.

  1. Ruler track is top, and hide ruler track : there is problem with insert bar, too.

  2. Move the ruler track somewhere other than the top : Insert bar works well. no problem.

  3. Remove ruler track : works well.


Great! Then this is just another occurrence of already known and reported issue.

But thank you very much, it’s great to know, there other areas of this same issue.

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Noticed another oddity:

  1. Audio Track with Spectral Layers Extension
    It shows in the lower zone’s Editor view the Spectral Layer window
  2. Remove Extension from Audio Track
    It still shows in the lower zone’s Editor view the Spectral Layer window

Had to change the lower zone section and go back to Editor to see again just the simple wave form editor.
To me this is a bug (will report also via a ticket)


You are using the Spectra Layers on the track, not on the Audio Event, right?

What graphic card do you use, do you use HiDPI screen, please?


as far as I remember I just had the audio event selected (was anyway only one and one track) and then enabled the extension.
Then I unmixed the audio and dragged both unmixed versions into the project. Then I removed Spectral Layer Extension from the (any) event (via Info bar), that was the moment I noticed it sill in the editor view in the lower zone untill I switched to another view and back. Nvidia GT710 (never had noticed this with Cubase 11 Pro)