Maybe I'm just getting old ...

… but I just opened NU4 again after quite some while - and I was shocked how much more I like the look-and-feel of the interface compared to NU5.5 :-/ So much clearer and easy on the eye, no silly shadings on waveforms or “anti-aliased”, blurry fonts … sigh

Different strokes. I much prefer the overall look of N5.5 (except for the lanes and crosshatches).

And whilst on the topic of looks…
Can we have larger handles and also wider volume lines in sends, e.g., at least as an option…
I hate having to aim on those tiny areas and lines to adjust things.
There is enough space for that…

Big K


Same here…

Yes, you are getting old… :smiley: But so am I. I also preferred the clarity of the N4 GUI; I think they’ve tried to make it look nicer but they haven’t really added much to the usability. Here’s some of my wishes for the GUI:

  • I’d really like to see the track types more clearly identifiable from a distance (vertically longer icons… see? I am getting older…).
  • Informational outlines, like Folder outlines and track outlines when only other lanes are filled, should look different from actual events for easy differentiation.
  • The shaded event look should definitely be an option only (for when the clients are around…); there’s no practical reason for it.
  • It would also help to bleed some of the color chosen for a track head for a few pixels horizontally along it’s top in the track list; that would define them more clearly against automation and other controller tracks revealed in other tracks.
  • Coloring in the entire track head for folders and main groups would also help in distinguishing sections

My beef is more in re-organizing options for no really good reason (like MS did with Vista from XP). Coloring track heads don’t color events anymore (except for Folders). Can’t color tracks in the Mixer page anymore. And I still can’t figure out how to split the project window: where’s the @#*&@$^!! split icon?..

<And I still can’t figure out how to split the project window: where’s the @#*&@$^!! split icon?..>

Top right, just below the bar count/time ruler, below the downward arrow, there is a little ‘/’ (forward slash) - easily missed. that’s the chappie. :bulb:



Shift + click on the color in the mixer window.

I have to disagree here, I personally like the new interface sooo much more.
The fact that it can be darker if you wish is really essential to me.


Thanks for helping an old man across the street guys… :smiley: