Maybe surprising thought on video-tutorials

Hi all,

I just read the introducing text on the Steinberg Homepage for the tutorial videos. That reminded me of something I constantly experience - completely independent from the product the vidos support. I mean, even fully independently from “Steinberg” - it is a general thing concerning tutorial videos: Am I the only person in the world that does NOT like tutorial videos because they consume far too much time and i am far quicker when I consult the written material?
I do admit that certain things are easier to understand in a video - but often I am to impatient to listen and whatch. Reading is by far faster than listening to spoken words.

Please do not get me wrong. This is neither a rant against Steinberg videos nor a request to drop video tutorials ;o).

I am simply interrested whether there are other people as well that share the way I feel about it.

What do you think ?

Cheers, Ernst

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for me it is the other way around to some extent.
Video’s seem to go quicker to showing combinations of functionality, while a manual (most of the time) is just a list of information that is almost obvious.

very simple e.g.: “cutoff: handles the cutoff frequency…” Hey seriously ? I could have thought of that on my own.

I would love to see a written manual with more focus on the context of a function.
very simple e.g.: The cutoff frequency adjusts adjust how much of the entire frequencyspectrum of a sound is cut down or up depending on the cutoff settings. You have type a, b,c,d, and so on.

In a video you see and hear what happens so it immediatly gets the picture in a certain context. It’s much faster imho but it is indeed very directional as type of information, and that is the direction the guy who makes it wants you to go.

So i think it’s not only manual or only video that is a good mix of information, but the right amount of both of them.

That being said: making a manual (or a good vid) is very difficult. I also do not like all those guys who want themself in a video. (unless it is a beautifull or intelligent girl which is something i posted before, but imho is really too few times happening, because in that type of usecase you just keep watching not only for the information, but for the added value too.) :slight_smile:
(that being said, it might be personal favor, since i admit that i’m often intrigued when i meet a woman that has some form of interest in synths and stuff)

so FWIW: i like a good mix of both

kind regards,

I sometimes have that experience. It’s easier to read the manual if there’s something specific I want to do, but the videos provide a better introduction for unfamiliar features. Video tutorials on something very physical – like the “thumb over” technique of playing scales on piano – are extremely helpful additions to a text description.

Most videos lack indexing. Some you-tube videos have yellow markers at topic changes, so you can skip boring topics or review interesting topics. The VLC/you-tube feature of being able to slow down the playback is valuable with “hand is quicker than the eye” movements. This is often helps with screencasts. So videos would be better if these features were used more often.

I’m a Book reader too. That being said, I haven’t had to pick up the book in a very long time for Cubase. Now Adobe Premiere, that’s another story.

You thought you were the only person in the world? I thought I was as well. I work with my brother who prints nothing. Every file he will tell me it is saved on the computer. It is much easier for me to flip thru pages of paper and read what I need. Not very “green” but whether it’s a mental thing or not, it’s much more productive for me. Yes, I’m older than he