Maybe this is a bug? (beam groupings)

I’m working with a file that was created in Finale 25 and brought into Dorico.
I have a section in 11/8. I’m trying to specify the beam grouping 3+2+2+2+2.

In the meter popover I type: [3+2+2+2+2]/8

And what happens is - it makes the time signature 11/8, but gets rid of ALL of the bar-lines until the next time change.
To make matters worse - I don’t seem to be able to fix this with undo. I could at first, but now it seems to be un-undoable, so I have to revert to the last saved version.

Is this some kind of known bug in 3.1? Or w/ XML-imported files. Or is there something I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

It’s quite likely an XML import problem (or rather a Finale MusicXML export problem). Post up a cutdown version of the project and someone will be able to fix it.

ok gotcha - used to have to do this for Finale all the time, but will be my first time in Dorico. What’s the quickest way to make surrounding measures disappear (there are a lot on both sides) - i.e. what’s the best way to extract a small sample for posting.

Also - in this same file I have certain measures with hidden rests - I can’t seem to unhide them. If I enter the measure and enter notes where those rests should be, these are also invisible. Feels like this may also be an XML-import thing, but I’m checking…

I’m worried this file will always have hidden xml-related bugs… I guess it’s probably true too.

A good way to start is go to Edit > Preferences > MusicXML import, and untick the boxes where you don’t care exactly what the MusicXML file specified.

Unless you have a reason to tick some of the boxes, leaving them all unticked is a good starting point.

It’s quite likely an XML import problem (or rather a Finale MusicXML export problem). Post up a cutdown version of the project and someone will be able to fix it.

I attempted to post a cut-down file, but I was told I had an invalid extension (the extension is .dorico). What am I doing wrong?

You need to zip the file (or add “.zip” to the end of the file name) before attaching to the forum.

Ah - thanks!

Here it is. Appreciate any insight… (849 KB)

Well this is very exciting. If I try to do anything at all with that 11/8 time signature, Dorico crashes. Hopefully someone from the development team will take a look…

If this is crashing Dorico, attaching the XML file would be useful as well. (You will need to zip it, like the Dorico file).

hm… the XML file from which this was drawn was imported into Dorico and then worked over extensively. I do have the original XML still, but I wouldn’t really even know what to do… Cut THAT down in the same way (in Finale I guess), and then generate a new XML that corresponds to the size of this one…

ugh. I wish I had found this problem sooner in the process!

I guess the simplest thing will probably be to just rebar by hand in the current version.

Is this actually possible, however? Nothing I do seems to accomplish this. (for instance, taking two eighths tied to one another and transforming them into a quarter). I thought this could be done w/ force duration?

You really need someone from the development team to look at the project. If trying to overwrite or delete the existing time signature crashes Dorico, as it does here, then all bets are off.

Does that mean starting a support ticket? Where do I do that? (I’ve come HERE for all my problems so far!) Will check the Dorico website…

Just wait. Someone will spot this thread.

The problem, at least with the cut-down version of the project, is that there’s a dynamic group with an illegal position. If you can send me the complete project file together with details of where in the project this passage can be found, I can take a look and see whether I can fix it for you. You can email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de.

AWESOME - thank you!!

So I broke the dynamic law - was bound to happen sooner or later!

Will send later tonight - thanks a ton Daniel.

Daniel S fixed this right up for me! Outstanding customer support!!

That’s Daniel for ya!