MB recommendations for 2700k and pci cards

Hey guys

It’s computer upgrade time again and I just starting to look at components. I wanted to get opinions on my Pci cards situation. I’m under the impression that there can be an issue running pci cards on the P68 chipset and the P67 is better for Pci. I know the P67 doesn’t have built in graphics which I really don’t care about. Is this correct? and aside from that what else is different?

I’m a bit out of touch with the latest and greatest and would appreciate any insights and I’ll be doing plenty of homework but I have to start somewhere.

I have a RME HDSP 9652 pci UAD quad pcie UAD 1 pci and I’m probably going to go with the 2700k


toss the UAD1 99% chance it will not work.
the RME has a decent chance but its going to board dependant
Z68/P67 are about the same chance of working
B65 and Q67 do have native PCI but are budget boards and no over clocking.
if OCing no point to the 2700k the 2600k will do the same.

Thanks for your reply this helped a lot. I do plan on overclocking so it makes sense to save a little and get the 2600k.I’ll just sell the UAD1 and according to the RME forums the soundcard should be ok to use with a P68 I’ll just check there for exact MB people are having success with

Just chucked a UAD 1 into a Z68 board and it works with no problems!
oh and a couple of Delta 1010’s (PCI) as well.

really what board has 3 PCI slots? are u sure its a Z68

Took me a while to find but for this build I needed 3 PCI slots.


A 3 PCI slot Z68 board… I do believe :astonished: