Mbit Dither?

I have the advanced Ozone suite from Izotope and in Wavelab the Mbit dither is available as a separate plugin. I can’t seem to find it in Nuendo. I’ve never been thrilled with UV22. If it’s available in Wavelab, is that because it’s bundled with that DAW or is Wavelab just accessing a plugin I have from Izotope? Either way, can we make it available in Nuendo please? Or…you know, if it’s there and I just haven’t found it, LMK and I’ll keep looking.


It is not part of Nuendo.

I have always understood to leave dither for the absolute last step, AKA Mastering. And to only ever do it once. So, if you were to produce a final product from Nuendo, it would make sense to do this. Otherwise, let the Mastering Engineer do it.


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Anytime you’re reducing your bit depth you want to do that with dither. Nuendo is bundled with Apogee UV22-HR as its default.

Yes I do make final products from Nuendo all the time but I also dither the output of rough mixes, MP3s, any time you’re outputting a lower bit depth.

Your answer doesn’t address my question. Thanks anyway.

I thought your question was if it is part of Nuendo. Oh well.

That is only correct when working with integers. I.e. when your mix is leaving the workstation.
Internally, Nuendo uses floating point, so there is absolutely no reason to dither.
On the contrary.
Dithering is (eventually) done at the very last stage.
That is, when you export your mix as final master.
When your “master” is going to a matering enigneer, or you are going to “Master” it within another application, Wavelab for example, there is no need to dither.
You dither ONLY ONCE.



Yes, thank you. I understand this. When I export for mastering I do it at the same resolution I’m working in and I don’t dither. Again, this has nothing to do with what I was asking.

I export mixes from Nuendo all the time that DO need dither. In Wavelab there is a discrete Mbit dither plugin, it does not come up in Nuendo (at least as far as I’ve seen). I can just use Ozone Maximizer and bypass everything but the dither, but I was just curious since it does exist in Wavelab… could it please exist in Nuendo as well?

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