MBPro 16 Catlina Dorico

Just got a brand new MBPro 16, crossgrade from Sibelius 7.5 to Dorico I don’t get any playback when testing any of the supplied scores for examples. When I tap the playback button regardless of what mode I’m in (WRITE, ENGRAVE, PLAY) the play back head doesn’t move.

I tried creating a new score. Entered some notes. I do not hear a note when entering even though my preferences are set to audition notes and chords on ENTRY.

Do I ned to reinstall the sound library? or am I “doing it wrong”? Is there an issue with Dorico playback on Catalina?


Welcome to the forum, Kevin. Please excuse the stupid question, but did you definitely install the sound content when you installed Dorico? It’s a separate 9GB installer.

Also, do Edit > Device Setup. In that dialog, what ASIO driver is chosen and which output ports are shown?
For Built-in Audio you might need to open the Device Control Panel and then enable the speaker output ports.