MC Control Prefs & Preset Question

I had to rebuild my PC rigg from scratch in order to stop having all of the conflicts & crashes that occured between the MC Control and N6.5. Now that it APPEARS to be a clean and stable setup, I’ve found that I’ve lost all of my customization programs on the MC. I’ve got a factory default unit.

I THOUGHT that since I was programing these prefs IN THE HARDWARE that that’s where they resided. That’s proving now to be a very painful lesson. So when I rebuild all of these KC’s and other shortcuts, I would like to know WHERE they reside so that I can back them up, should it be necessary to rebuild the system again.

Can anyone here point me to the folder that holds this data?


I have finally finished re-writing all of my KC’s and Prefs. I have searched both the 64bit and the 32bit Euphonix folders and have yet to see anything that looks like the storage folder for this data. Can someone here please give me that address so that I can back this data up ASAP?


Someone at the Avid site pointed me towards a Jul. 2011 document from the Avid Knowledge Base that gave me the address. See the link here. How do I backup or move Artist User Sets to another Computer?

Here’s what it said.

The Custom user-sets are stored here:
Mac OS:
/Library/Application Support/Euphonix/UserSets/MC2User/MC_User_Set_Root/…
Windows 7:

These files are never overwritten by our installers. To move your custom user-set from one workstation to another simply copy the desired file from this location to the same directory on the other workstation. The new user-sets will load next time you launch EuControl.

I’m guessing things have changed since then, because that address took me to an immediate dead end.

Searches for MC2, MC User Sets, MC2 User Sets, User Sets all came up ith no results. Something must have changed since 2011. That location is clearly invalid in 3.1.3. I couldn’t get past the AppData part of that address. I don’t get it. WHY would they make a folder this important so difficult to find? Can anybody help me find this folder.

goto start → run and type %appdata%
that should get you there

hope it helps,