MC Control Question: Difference in OPTIONS between Inserts &

If I place a plugin in the insert section, then press on the selected plugin from the MC control, all of that plugin’s parameters spread out over the 8 knobs. But when I place an FX plugin in the aux section and then open that plug, I don’t get the same parameter spread. I only get gain and pan.

Why is it that calling up an insert on the MC Control will offer all of the plugin’s settings on the 8 knobs, but you don’t get that same option with the aux sends (at least not with Nuendo 6)?

Why dont the parameters spread out over reverb or other FX plugs the same way they do for dynamic & EQ plugs in the insert section?

They do… if you follow the correct procedure!

When you install (assign) a plugin in Cubendo… It is inserted on its own FX track. If you look at the arrange window… you will see the FX Track in a separate area of the track list.

When you use a Send from a Track… all you are doing is Sending a copy of that track’s signal to the input of the FX Track, and the output of the FX Track is Returned and combined with the Track’s output you are sending from!

You might think of the level control of the Send as a WET / DRY, or “Balance” setting, that adjusts how much of your Track’s output vs. how much of the FX Track’s output you are hearing!

The main takeaway I’m trying to emphasize is that there are many different types of tracks in Cubendo, and other DAW’s as well!

Sends and Returns are just a way to connect these different track (channel) types, hence the limited parameter controls!

If you need to adjust the parameters of the plugin Inserted on an FX Track, you need to call-up the FX Track where the plugin is inserted, and then push the rotary control knob button-top on the “Artist Control” that pertains to the “Inserts” selection!