MC Control: Switching between N6.5 & N7

Now that I’ve got the user settings for the MC to work with N7, I’m only getting the default settings when I switch back to N6.5 projects. I have both N6.5 XML and N7 XML files in the Eucon folder. So why isn’t the MC switching the user sets between the 2 versions?

Is there a way I can get the MC to see both sets of pre-sets?

make sure you saved the xml file exactly as the name of the application, for example Nuendo7 not Nuendo 7 etc.

Thanks, I just checked. The file was labeled Nuendo6.5. So, based on your statement, it SHOULD be working when I launch N6.5. Sigh, I’ll keep looking. Thanks for your reply.

Anybody else have any ideas on how to make my Eucon presets work with both versions of Nuendo? I’m getting nothing from the Avid Artist Users Site. :frowning: