MC Mix & MC Transport in Nuendo 5?


Recently took delivery of Euphonix MC mix & MC transport.

MC mix is working nicely although pan pot & aux send response seems a bit jerky. Excellent intergration with UAD & other plugs - but still a bit jerky when adjusting parameters.

Regarding MC transport I was expecting to be able to navigate the timeline with the jog wheel. But jog only seems to work as scrub audio & zoom event window horizontally & vertically. Shuttle is’nt doing anything at all. Have been unable to assign any other functions to jog & shuttle. I have updated to latest firmware & drivers.

I was also under the impression that I’d be able to quickly assign jog wheel to any knobs/sliders on screen that cursor hovers over, as described in Euphonix promotional gumph. I can’t get this to work & find no reference to it in manuals.

Any clues?

With thanks,


Jog and Shuttle working at the same time.

Go to the softkey editor in EuControl.
Select the Transport SoftKey section.
Select the button assigned to Shuttle (#2) Press the command button to open the command editor.
Change the command from Left edit to Right edit > Shuttle Double check that the Jog button is assigned to Left edit > Jog

If they are both assigned to to the same edit section Nuendo will change to whatever that last button pressed is.


Thanks very much for this Fredo.

This is from the Avid website…

In some applications, the Jog Wheel can act as an Assignable Knob. This allows
the Jog Wheel to adjust the values of any control the cursor hovers over (Cubase,
Nuendo), such as faders, pan knobs and plug-in controls

Is this meant to work in Windows 7 Nuendo 5.1.1 ?

I do think so, but I think you will need to assign/re-assign some stuff for that.
Pushing the buttons above the Jog Wheel assigns another “function” to the wheel, If I am not mistaking, by default they are assigned to zoom horizontal, vertical, CR volume, etc … (go to TU Softkeys in the Eucon controller/“E” in green circle)

Actually, I didn’t know that it could be done with the MC transport.
We are using CC121’s in most of our rooms, and these have an AI knob, which acts exactly like that.