MC resize after update to C7.5.02

in a studio where i work at i have an issue with MC resizing when opening and closing it several times on C7.5.20(it gets wider every time)
i have a computer with ATI radeon hd 5400 display card, is there something i can do with the display setting to fix that ?
it wasn’t like that in C7.

** at my other personal laptop no issue there.

Hi Mozizo,

try this:


Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
i did the “Rest MC window” as u suggested, but unfortunately it doesn’t help.
MC resize to the same width each time(almost maxed out all the way)
its also happens in new projects(tried it now)
the MC behaves as should only when no project is loaded,( only INs+OUTs are present in MC)
i still have C7 installed and i installed C7.5 from the full downloadable installer+latest update(7.5.20)

i will update to the latest Display driver later and see if it help.
**just to mention its a windows 7 64 bit I7 system

trashing preferences fixed it partially (,still resizing when “not on top”)