McDSP 6.6.2 and WL10 Pro -> crashes (Mac)

Even with the newest versions of McDSP plug ins (6.6.2) WL crashes as soon as I try to load a plug in. Needless to say that the same plug ins work daily in Nuendo 10 and Cubase 10.5 on the same machine.
(High Sierra)

A classic case. You could ask McDSP if they have tested and qualified their plugins with WaveLab specifically, or maybe they only test and qualify Cubase.

And you could also ask Steinberg the long-time question of why there are so many plugins that work OK in Cubase/Nuendo but struggle or crash and burn in WaveLab. Something is different about WaveLab for sure. But also, sine WaveLab has Clip FX, that opens up a huge window for new problems that DAWs that don’t have Clip FX won’t reveal. However, there are plenty of cases like this where in WaveLab, there is a 3rd party plugin problem regardless of where you insert the plugin.

I think many plugin developers assume that if their plugins test OK in Cubase, it should be fine in other Steinberg products that but is clearly not the case.

What I’ve found is that you can’t always blame the plugin developer, and you can’t always blame WaveLab. You just have to report the issue to both parties and hope that one of them can solve it.

McDSP came back to me concerning my report and wrote:
“Unfortunately, we don’t fully support WaveLab, even though some of our plug-ins work on other programs, our plug-ins are not optimized for this situation.”

That’s what I expected. I’m not sure what the problem is with VST3 in general compared to VST2 that gives plugin developers such a hard time, or why there is a huge difference in stability between Cubendo and WaveLab when it comes to 3rd party plugins, but it’s definitely a reality.

It would be great if Steinberg could provide a rock solid plugin testing app to help developers weed out issues like GUI problems, rendering problems, crashes etc.

Update to the newest version 6.7.0: Nuendo 10 -> works, WL 10 Pro -> crashes like before. The whole program crashes as soon as I try to load one McDSP plug in.

Updated the Mac Pro to Mojave and WL Pro to 10.20.0, but the crashes are immediately with every McDSP plug in like before.
McDSP plug ins are absolutely unusable in Wavelab (on Mac) right now. It’s a shame.

It seems like this is ultimately a McDSP problem right?

I notified Mcdsp in relation to their plugs not working properly /crashing Cubase 10.5.10 and they have been working on a fix. Colin says it should be next week sometime. I would hope if they fix them they may work on wavelab as well.

Nice! That’s how it’s done. I’ve had to do this with a handful of plugin companies over the years and while Filterbank was the very first plugin I bought (back when it came in a physical box), I just haven’t really used McDSP enough in the last 10 years to contact them about any WaveLab issues.

Usually if you let the plugin company know and provide accurate details, they can look at it and fix it.

If you just send them vague info and don’t follow up, it probably won’t get fixed.

Strangely enough, but the McDSP plug ins work fine here in Nuendo 10.2.10., except one minor thing. The only problem I have is resize of the GUI isn’t working at all. I reported it several times.
I have Cubase Pro 10.5.10 too and will have a look.

The thing is, Cubase, Nuendo, and WaveLab are 3 different programs. If it were that simple, McDSP would put on their website that they support all Steinberg hosts for their plugins but instead, they say this:

And also, I had one smaller plugin company give me this honest answer which is probably true for most of them. WaveLab user base isn’t large enough for them to justify resources on extensive WaveLab testing.

(see attachment)

I have a fairly robust group of plugins I use daily without issue in WaveLab:

Plugin Alliance
Tokyo Dawn

Native Instruments, McDSP, IK and some others (usually free/cheap ones) don’t really get along with WaveLab.

In some cases, using the VST2 instead of VST3 (or vise versa) can be a temporary solution.

Interesting: McDSP plug ins, which work in Nuendo crash Cubase (10.5.11), like FutzBox. Time to pester McDSP a bit more …