McDSP v6 release - yes, VST3..!!

[EDIT] I was wrong that they seemingly didn’t offer any VST3 support this time round… see below…


yeah i remember a vst3 discussion a while back on kvr with many established developers concluding they wouldn’t support it because of its many inconveniences (from the developers’ POV at least).

if there are no incentives for the dev’s (ie. no market pressure from the users), there’s little wonder not everyone’s jumped on it. i think the most important feature for the user is the easy sidechain signal receiving and a more precise automation that should be audio buffer length-independent.

those are pretty damn important.

having said that, i heard a dev say changing but one line in the code of the vst2x specification would’ve enabled the same sidechaining capability as in vst3.


That bit about more precise automation - I read on Reaper’s forum, from one of their main developers I believe, that to this day he could report that Steinberg themselves don’t take advantage for this in ANY of their own VST3 plugins…! So even they’re not interested/see little merit.

U-he had a whole heap of mess with their attempts to migrate/support/develop for VST3.

Dunno; maybe the whole thing has peaked. Everything that needs developing (FX/Instruments/Tools) has been developed and now all its about is incremental improvement or slightly new takes on the same ol’ same ol’… and VST will pretty much stay at v2.4 for the grass-roots community certainly, the mainstream corporates as well.

i disagree. look at ARA for instance.

Yes. Sorry - I meant as far as the VST standard was concerned; other technologies are there to flourish or be invented/discovered of course.

Am I dense? The main site says vst3 now supported.

And at naam

Apart from the one logo on the front page, I can see no other reference to VST3 support specifically anywhere else on their main site. Did you see something I have missed…?

The YT naam vid is a pre-release announcement from January this year, when they were stating VST3 editions included with their next big update. The actual release info posted yesterday, I’d picked up from the listing on KVR front page - and there is no logo, no mention of VST3 at all. Anywhere.

Ok, first off, why on earth would McDsp show a VST3 icon if they didn’t support VST3?

Every one of those links I just shared with you shows VST3 support. I also downloaded a demo. Guess what? VST3!

So they’ve run into some grief or other trying to support this platform; they said back in January, it would be there… 2 months later, and seems it wasn’t worth it. Like it was for U-he and probably many others, the VST3 debacle continues.

Try not to take this the wrong way. I understand you want the VST3 versions, and they really do exist! BUT… to form that statement that I just quoted above ^^^ is a far reach from truth because you had no facts. i.e.: You assumed there wasn’t vst3 support because KVR didn’t share it. You are a bad bad boy!! :smiley: Stare at the cow! :laughing:

So, have joy! I used to use these plugins all the time in PT. I’m glad to see them come back to life and come to vst. My favorite is/was the ae400 active EQ.

McDSP’s own blog post explicitly mentions VST3.

I just bought my first McDSP (v6) plugins earlier this week. Will confirm whether VST3 is there.

What did you get?

I went there for Futzbox. Came away with both that and Filterbank. Have heard nothing but good things about those guys. Gonna at least give Futzbox a workout this weekend because I need to dirty some stuff up.

Follow-up: The McDSP plugins I bought this week definitely include VST3 versions:


I am so completely embarrassed…!! :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: :blush:

Ok - I’ve spanked myself for being so gullible and not doing any other real research.

Thanks Woodcrest (and all…!) for putting me straight.

Upside is - yes; I am now full of joy… wallet is ready… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


(PS:- will edit thread topic and title too…)

I will resume this thread since i saw the offer on the CompressorBank (49$ at Audiodeluxe dot com

Yes, VST3 is supported but:

Unfortunately, side chaining is not supported with our VST3 and VST[2] versions at this time. We hope to have it implemented at a later date but that is still to be determined. Our apologies for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

Makes no sense for me to buy it if no side chain implemented!

Totally Agree.