MCU and generic remote runs better for me in C10.5

The title says it al: running an lemur MCU and generic remote on ipad controlling Cubase10 did not work as expected, crashes and midi overflow in loopmidi, resulting in an unresponsive ipad. Troubleshooting did not help, I was not able to resolve the issue.

However, on my other computer already running cubase 10.5 it worked like a charm. Also much better compared to Cubase 8,9, more responsive.

Updating the other computer to 10.5 resolved all my isues. (on installing the update while opening 10.5 for the first time I got the familiar message; “getting info from previous version”, I checked, all settings are the same indeed).

So Idunno whats goingo on, but I hope this helps others…


I’m glad it works better for you now. Even though I’m wondering, because there was just a little change in the Generic Remote Device, on the storing if the device side. Nothing else changed here to Cubase 10.5.