MCU Functions Expanded in 7.5

Sure, will do! There should be some way to read out the dB-values of each fader if it is simple MIDI. Any idea how to get that on the MCU? Can we just add anohter MIDI device in Cubase for the same MCU? Just a thought…

An updated pdf on MCU Pro functions in the Cubase 8 Docs…

Remote Control Devices.pdf @

has anyone got this PDF as I can’t find it :frowning: ?

Sure here it is in case you (or anyone else) don’t have CB8.

You can find in package contents here on a mac /Applications/Cubase, don’t know for Windows off the top of my head.

This seems to apply just as much for Cubase 7.5 though they didn’t update the documentation for that version. Also strange that you can’t get to this from the help menu like you could in the past.

Actually that spawns a question: in 7.5 (still haven’t switched to 8 due to the MCU bugs) I get crashes if I use SHIFT with the fader banks. I wanted to try it out after I read this new documentation but it doesn’t work. Is it the same for others too? I’m on Win7 btw, 64bit Cubase version.

For me that works just fine, I have been using CB7.5 for most everything though I have 8. I am on a Mac and shift fader bank goes one channel at a time like it should. Usually it seems the bugs for Cubase and Nuendo are on the Mac side when something doesn’t work. Not sure if this works on CB8 for Windows though.

Sorry let me clarify that. I’m talking about the 8 “fader banks” buttons below the function buttons. According to the new manual we’re supposed to be able to switch between different exclusive channel type visibility using Shift with these. It’s on page 10.

Yes that also works for me, I have attached a screenshot of the overlay I have been using for almost a year, I updated from the original MCU Cubendo overlay. Sorry for the misunderstanding strange Mackie updated the new MCU to use Fader Banks in two places. Also to be sure you have it set under the Devices: Mackie Control to “Cubase” and not “Compatibility” either way it doesn’t crash when I set it to either one, I just tested.

Also note that for #5 that it also included Rewire tracks which the document doesn’t point out as well as when things are in the Divided tracks on top for #8 they don’t show up (might be a bug but undocumented). It looks like they updated the documentation for 7.5 and forgot to change some of the things it says for Nuendo only with the direct routing that actually works just fine with Cubase 8 now that it has direct routing. Must be great fun to be on the documentation team!

Yeah I noticed the double use of “Fader Banks” after your post, funny!

Hmm, ok, I thought I was getting the crash because it wasn’t implemented (and definitely not documented) in C7.5. And I am indeed in Cubase mode. The buttons work the way they should without Shift, but not with. Any PC users that can chime in on this?

+1 on the new function explained ! :sunglasses:

I’m using cubase 7.0.7 on Windows 7 64 bit

I’ve got a problem in the mix consule window 1 -
(just in 1 - in mix consule 2 & 3 it works but I can’t work there with my Mackie control)
The problem is that when I open my template -
where I have there 5 different presets in the mix consule 1 (Audio In channels / group channels etc.)
and my presets won’t show up (shown grey) until I save some new one on an “empty” preset number -
and then they all suddenly appear.

I try all of this:

  1. to reinstall cubase (without uninstall first)
  2. rename the “cubase 7 64” in AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\ to “cubase 7 64 inactive” -
    and it works! it delete all of my setting and templates and then I rebuild every little thing again -
    my keycommands, my templates, my quick controlls, mackie control connection, changing the “mix consule 1” to full screen on monitor 2 and save the template -restart cubase and then again!
    I still have the problem.

please, help me.

has it happen to you too?

The data ist stored in:

There are the XMLs of the Remote Control Editor .

Does anyone know where the Mac OSX location is for these XML’s? Cannot find them.

Sorry I don’t. I did search around for it but wasn’t able to find it and would love to know as well.

This doesn’t seem to document where that is stored.

Can someone please direct me to the right place. Here’s my question. Sorry for posting here.

Subject: VST
Description: I am working on a clients project. he is using Cubase 7.5.
I also am using Cubase 7.5
My Question is
Some of his VST plugins are not showing up in my VST such as
Halion Sonic Se
(Large Strings VX) and also (VX Bass).
Shouldn t I have Those in my Halion Sonic SE as well or is there a substitute ?

hello. I know this is a very old thread, but it was one of the few i could find discussing the MCU PRO. I am a new Cubase user and have a MCU PRO. Connected and some functions are available. When I first add the MCU PRO as a device in the Remote Devices section, it sees the several audio tracks that I have set up and the faders work with volume. But sometime very quickly, something changes. Seems to happen when I add an VST instrument. The display of the MCU PRO gots to ‘Routing’ and all the tracks are gone. All the faders except the Master go to -infinity. And I cannot get back to any type of page that has the track on it.

What am I doing wrong here? Any help would be appreciated! thanks, BArt

As I work with this, part of the issue appears to be mixing and matching of remote control devices and the protocols found in the Remote Devices in Cubase. The MCU PRO sets up with the expected functions with the Mackie protocol. It appears a conflict arose when I added my Sonar VS-100 audiointerface as a remote control device as well. Really, the only thing I wanted the VS-100 as a remote was for the foot pedal which can start/stop/play and record keeping my hands free for piano or guitar playing. When I added the VS-100 as a Mackie remote, it screwed up the MCU PRO’s track functions. When I deleted the VS-100 as a remote control surface, the problems with the MCU disappeared!

So, I then configured the VS-100 as a ‘generic’ remote. Basically starting from zero settings. The ‘learn’ function makes this easy, so I quickly set up the VS-100’s transport buttons. Now the foot pedal works fine with the intended functions, and the MCU PRO doesn’t get confused over incoming signals. I will further tweak the VS-100, but I don’t really need this for the track controls at all, just Transport functions.

It would be interesting to see what confusing messages were being sent by the VS-100 to the MCU PRO, but right now it isn’t that interesting.

So for now, the issue I was having has been worked around.

If you have 2 Mackie Devices, Cubase will see the second one as an extender. I had this problem using a X-Touch and an iPad, both running in Mackie mode.

Thanks. That makes sense. Reconfiguration of the second device to generic remote was the ticket. I also added TouchOSC for my iPhone. That gives me a few more remote options than the foot pedal.

a table of features and key commands in a rough format (.txt, excel…) would suffice