MCU/Mixer Channels Cycle Randomly when using Nektar Panorama P1

I have a nektar panorama p1 that is set to a generic midi device. Since version Cubase 8 or so, I have had issues where the mixer channel selection will just randomly cycle between the tracks of my session before settling on a random assortment of tracks.

No matter what I do, there doesnt appear to be a way for me to prevent Cubase from making a generic remote for it, nor to keep it from trying to send midi out.

What makes it even stranger is that the mixer channel selection, which should be sequential based on the currently selected track, will be randomly distributed amongst tracks across the entire session.

Within the last few months, I have been in touch with nektar, because I thought maybe something was acting up with the MCU/custom protocol (which I am not using hence the generic setup), and they pointed to the problem being within Cubase itself. They thought it was due to potentially duplicate tracks having the same name, but this problem occurs in blank sessions and across multiple installs/rigs.

Any other Mackie device or non-MCU-esque does not have this problem. Is there a fix or work around for this? As of 11.5, it has gotten to the point where it will actually crash/freeze my project because it will get in an endless loop.


I have never experienced or heard about this.

Isn’t there any MIDI loopback involved in your system by any chance?

There is, but I have ruled that out because:

  • This has happened for years across multiple cubase versions and installs
  • Multiple computers, from clean installs to customized.
  • As soon as the auto detected Nektar Panorama device is gone, all problems cease.


To me it sounds like a MIDI loopback (sorry for a typo in my previous post).

All good.

I thought about that as well, to the point I even disabled the midi going from Cubase to the Panaroma. I also went through and recreated the midi setup in ProTools, DP, Reaper, and even with a midi monitor tracking the data going out to that USB device, I could see the sequential selections from Cubase, but no other data was going back to make a loop.

Additionally, I appear to be unable to change the Midi Input nor Output of the Panorama’s Remote Device. If I do, it’ll constantly reset them as MIDIIN4 (PANORMA P1), MIDIOUT4 (PANORAMA P1). It’s just… weird. It really wants to make an automatic device under the generic remotes. I’m assuming this is probably due to some form of integration that cubase has/had with Nektar?

But from what I can tell, trusting the actual packets to/from that USB item. Any midi I send via the Panorama is going out of the the first Midi In Port1, which is how the device is configured and makes sense since it is running as a generic MIDI device at this point. (Nektar confirmed that as well).


Does the device have a touch-sensitive fader?

No. The faders are simple and not motorized either.