MCU (not pro) and "up" connection problem

i have cubase 9.5 pro.
i bought the MCU, second hand, the old version. with only midi.
connected to a midi to usb connector.

sometimes at the beginning it lost connection, not from cubase, but to cubase (it doesn’t receive midi message from the MCU, while the usb connector led for output flashes, when for example using the jog wheel).

the connection problem is now becoming problematic. via google, i saw some similar problems.

i have also automap server installed, with 2 novation’s, and a nektar panorama p1 (and a spark CDM, maschine mk3 en maschine jam).

there may be a conflict (i suspect automap).

i changed the mide to usb connector with another, and changed the connection, now directly to the computer, instead via a hub.

i am hopefull that this will works, but the “new” connector gave the same problems when connected to the hub.

so many controllers can give problems…

and there is always the order of starting the controllers, when there is a problem.

and ofter some connection problems, i can work with it for hours. and sometimes, it happens all the time. with the new connector, disconnecting, crashes cubase.

it is by the way a simple “midimate” midi to usb, i have other possibilities (a bcr 2000, but i do not use the bcr anymore, but perhaps it will integrated again…).

the problem was always there, but no frustration, switch the midi to usb on/off and it worked the whole day, now it seems a bigger problem,

Just a reminder to make sure the power management options for your USB ports are off. And that hibernation and fast boot up is off as well. Not sure if these affect much in Win7, but in Win10, they have messed with my USB ports.

power management for usb is off, also hibernation. win 7 has no fast boot up.
today i didn’t experienced any problems, so far. it could be the project… stranger things have happened, the plugins and automap go bezerk, and when not, cubase does not receive midi messages from mcu (midi-ox doesn’t receive after such event the output as well).

perhaps the problem was the hub… i hope… all controllers i have are on (7)… all is working well… but this happened before, no problems, and sometimes…