MCU plugin control and 'flipping' v-pots to faders?

Hi All,

I’m looking at adding the MCU Pro and XT to my Cubase 7.5 setup and am hoping someone can help me on a couple of questions I haven’t been able to find answers for.

  • My ideal would be for v-pot plugin parameters to be able to ‘flip’ down to the faders, a la SSL Nucleus. I haven’t found any indication that this is possible on the MCU - could someone confirm this?

  • Are plugin parameters mapped onto the XT display and pots so that the first 16 parameters in the parameter ‘list’ are automatically available for editing?

Thanks for any help.


Cant speak for the MCU but the Avid Artist Mix and Control support the flip feature.

Thanks for responding. I’ve been a bit put off the Avid stuff by the bile on the Avid forum (although I do have the sense that Cubase users may be happier in general with the implementation than PT users).

I’ve now discovered that MCU definitely does have some flip functionality…but very hard to find any detailed documentation about how things are implemented in Cubase…

Good hunting!

In terms of the overall Avid Eucon experience I must say that mine has been quite good. In fact, my latest rig is running almost preternaturally well with Eucon. As you correctly point out, Cubendo users have a much better time than PT users which is somewhat ironic. I have been using the Artist Control/Mix/Transport controllers for about one year and I cannot imagine working without them now. The integration is deep and customizable and I can do practically everything I need to do from a single ‘page’ on the Control (after having customized it).

Anyhow, I did not mean for this to look like an Avid ad… Just wanted to say that Eucon is better than what you might imagine after reading DUC.