MCU Problems persist in 8.0.10

Despite Steinberg’s claims to the contrary, the MCU integration is still not operating properly. Yes, the duplicate master fader problem is fixed. But the visibility configurations still aren’t working properly. Can’t display input channels on the MCU at all now. (Before, you couldn’t get them to go away). Also, use of the shift/group combo still causes Cubase to freeze requiring a complete reboot. I’m not sure if there are other problems because that was as far as i got before the annoyance factor became to great to work. :imp: :imp: :imp:

The input channels never appeared in past versions, just the first version of 8.0 for some reason. I for one am glad they are gone now. The visibility choices now work as before. I have no problems with shift grouping.

No problems here either and also want to backup Graham’s statement about inputs not appearing before version 8. However, I was able to remove them from display by altering the setup in VST Connections and removing the channels that were appearing on the controller. Of course, this was only feasible during mixing.

all working here too as it did in cubase 7.5 now

ps. Tascam uses Mackie Control

Cheers Steinberg

Now working correctly on my Tascam DM3200 which uses Mackie Control!

I’m having the same issue with Shift+Fader Bank buttons and I’m trying to narrow it down to what the problem could be. I had it in 7.5 and still in 8. Can some others try to replicate the issue and report back?

  • Press Shift+any of the 8 Fader Bank buttons (this is supposed to switch between exclusive channel typestates, i.e. All/Groups/FX/etc etc).
  • Does this work for you or does Cubase become unresponsive? If the latter: are you using Mac or PC? What type of motherboard? (Thinking it might be a USB issue)

For me the MCU loads up new fader values but freezes at the same time, the MCU display doesn’t change. And Cubase stops responding (if it’s playing it keeps playing like normal, but everything is frozen)

Also Output channels are excluded in the MCU. Generally not a problem unless you happen to be using them as AUXs (i.e. dummy outputs). Well Groups and FX channels would be the proper way to do things in Cubase, but something to keep in mind.

In version 8.05 I was able to shift between Input and output channels by using the “Bank” button. I’m using Alesis MasterContrul which uses the Mackie Control protocol but it doesn’t work correctly anymore. Please, Steinberg, change that again, it was much better in 8.05.

I don’t need the input channels on the controller, never had them and never missed them, but I’m all for having the OPTION to show them if I wanted to.

What I really, really want though is for the issue with Cubase crashing when using Shift+Fader Banks. I’ve only heard from two people so far about this, one who didn’t get a crash (mac user) and one who did (PC user). Score so far: 2-1. Impossible to draw any conclusion. Please people, chime in about this!