MDD G4 best G4 for Cubase VST 32?

Years ago I backed up to CD most of my Cubase VST projects. Opening them recently in SX3 on a OSX 10.4 partition has worked out very well.

But there are some projects with audio that I want to make adjustments in Cubase VST before opening them in SX3. Plus it’s a real gas to see VST 32 alive and well on my UMax S900 (XLR8 450 MHz G4 accelerator) with OS 9.1 This ancient computer generally works well, except that the CD burner is not reading data disks it burnt between 2000 and 2004. Audio CDs play back fine.

I’m wondering if I should get a MDD (2001 or 2003) with USB and FW 400 ports for greater ease of data transfer etc.

Any other recommendations for a G4?


I had the G4 just prior to the MDD - 1GHz I think.

worst Mac I ever had. And I’ve had a few. Temperamental, crashy, slow…

And your mail reminded me - hopeless DVD drive. I too have masses of backup data DVDs which now can’t be read. Trouble was, they worked fine as a backup medium for about 2 years, before the problem showed up. I still shudder.

Sorry, not much help to you…

An internal drive is easy to replace:

A dp 800 MHz is on it’s way. It was an interesting decision making process e.g. avoiding the mindset of choosing the most powerful in class so to speak. The G4 will not be a primary work environment, but rather available as needed for conversion of .vst to .cpr…

I realize that it’s the year 2012, and modern Macs and apps are at my disposal. But the past cannot be forgotten. As much as I’ve future-proofed legacy files, there always seems to be more that need converted and archived.

Progress updates to follow.

Some very knowledgeable people over at the apple discussions G4 forum provided tips and information that helped me successfully restore of a very cheap ebay item that required a new power supply. Overall cost when finished (including the price of the computer & shipping; and parts) was about $125. The restoration experience was priceless. :mrgreen:

What a blast…

Indeed priceless.