Mean Steinberg Shut out the poor with lack of RCE support for cheaper control surfaces

Just like to say that i think it all a bit mean for Steinberg to shut out the poor
with not providing RME support for cheap or even generic control surfaces

leaving only people who can afford the few EUCON compatible devices on the market
to be able to map out all the features

with the competition between DAW’s never being more fierce
that Steinberg would be more forthcoming in providing more support
so as to take over the race for the lower end of the market
i.e. the home / hobbyist / semi-pro and aspiring pro

who do not have a spare £30,000 to splash out on a decent control surface
even the Avid Artist Mix (which incidentally, i believe i possibly invented by explaining to what was then Digidesign,
how there was no Pro Control or Control 24 for the lower end of the market and that was what was needed…
I assume they took the idea and ran with it. but completely forgot to send me a free control surface to say thanks for
the multi million pound idea… not the only one either, but anyway)

The cheapest compatible EUCON control Surface cost about £1k
which is just too expensive for most home and project studio users

and 8 parameters per track is just too few to old school mix engineer with!
Surely with all the technological advancements
the software should be easy to use or the as easy as the hardware?

but just 8 quick controls not great
try 100
then were talking!!!

Steinberg really needs to step up their remote control game IMO. It’s laughably bad, which is weird because it’s such a MIDI-centric DAW. I hope the big feature in 10.5 is a system like Studio One’s Control Link that’s allows us to map any MIDI controller to plugins or host parameters, and will automatically recall those settings. This would solve for Cubase’s biggest weakness IMO.

How about the Nektar Panorama P1?

For Sure.
In fact, i would be tempted to move to Studio One!
As I am also interested in designing and building my own control surfaces for mix engineering but also for
working the creative process.

I am sure i could come up with some really innovative control surfaces
if the protocol allowed it, even more so if one of the companies funded me.

But people are so closed minded, and people who work for such companies don’t want to let anyone else in
which means that sometimes what gets designed by the software guru or the hardware guru
isn’t the same as what the musician composer guru or the mix engineer guru actually wants

but there ya go. hey, perhaps i will make a switch.
although i do like cubase for a lot of things, don’t like it as much as logic pro,
but easier for the people i write with, and is more accessible due to being ported for PC as well as MAC