Mean what we say

Here’s a new song I wrote and this recording came out of a jam session and wasn’t meant to be anything finished but I started toying with one thing lead to anther. There’s still a few things i need to fix up, mainly the the drummer was banging his crash cymbals and at some points in the song it’s been a challenge to control.

Well, it doesn’t sound like a jam session to me, it’s well arranged and it sounds really good. Nice job.

Yeah… very nice song. :sunglasses: I like your vocal - good voice!

Mix-wise I did find I wasn’t that keen on the very round sounding bass, it was a little to ill-defined for me. And the drums seemed to be very present… they sound great but seemed quite forward and very wide in the mix.

Otherwise… great stuff! :smiley:

Very good – nice tight sound, and great drum sound. I agree about the bass vibe – a bit indistinct. I also think the ending guitar solo could come up a bit, and I ALSO wouldn’t mind at all if that part went on a good deal longer – it was rockin’!

Thanks guys I’ll look into the bass, Sherz notice the drum pannings? It wasn’t as hard to get used to as I thought :wink:


Yes it is a nice drums sound indeed but from my point of view there is a bit too much ‘room’ sound or there needs to be a bit more room sound to the rest of the band. Does that make sense? It could be the panning width of the room mics. With a live jam recording your options may be limited though. :slight_smile:

Very enjoyable. :sunglasses:


Dave thanks for listening. The drum balance and room sound is one of the areas I’m going to investigate when I get back to it.

NICE song really well played and recorded…and that’s probably all I should have said.
Again…great song and recording.

Trevor :slight_smile:

I like it a lot, the ending is fine as well imo :slight_smile:

Strophoid and Trevor G i appreciate the comments.

I’m in the process of doing some lyric rewrites and will post the revision and once I get the lyrics nailed down I’ll focus on the music. I have taken some of the suggestions given here and it all helps.

Funny I really didn’t mean to turn this into that much of a guitar song as a matter of fact I have a slammin Tower of power type hornline for it but don’t have the funds right now to make that happen and for the kind of horn line I’m hearing samples aren’t going to cut it.

Hi dman,

Great song, nice playing all around.
I like it! :sunglasses:


Thanks Wim

If anybodies interested I rewrote some lyrics and changed a few vocal things. the arrangement is still the same and I may record a new drum track on it now that i have the song where I want it…I think lol

Nicely done. You have a good singing voice.


a good tune, well composed.

Not sure about a couple of things in your mix.

Maybe the opening guitar is a little proud.

My main comments are about the vocal, which sounds rather
thin and edgy with bite in some spots. Not much bass frequency
in the signal? Also, it almost sounds like it’s been put through a vibrato device
at times. I can’t quite figure out what’s going on in there.
Or is it a compression/limiting issue? And is that adding to the
spikey sound of the voice?

Personally, I think you’d be better off re-recording this song
from scratch, just to ensure you maxed out on its quality.