Meaning of the "Sticks in" technique


May I ask to more experienced notation artists what the “Stick in” technique stands for? Is it just a change of mallets to sticks, or something else?


Where did you run across that term? In jazz drumming (drum set)? Marching percussion? It’s my guess it could be either one of those.

Of course, it could be that “I spilled honey all over myself an now I’m stick’in to everything”.

Never heard the term.


It’s one of the playback techniques in Dorico. I’m not able to track down to the original use and meaning.



It’s a term used in the marching percussion world. For example, see page 3 of this PDF.

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Fascinating. So, it’s the sound of the two sticks being beaten between themselves, when the player lines his/her posture with the other members of the line.