Meaningless Rant

This rant is simply to express frustration at Steinberg’s copy protection system. I know that this subject of rant has happened here before. I know that people are ‘working on a solution’. Also - this is nothing against Dorico or the creators of said software as I am big supporter and use the software everyday… everyday i remember the usb-elicenser that is!

Now that my Dorico License is married to a damnified usb-elicenser with nary a drag n drop possible to re-transfer back to a humble 'ol soft elicenser I often run into situations where I don’t have the dongle and can’t use the program i paid good money for. Why does this happen so often you may ask? Well it’s because I stay up late working on stuff. After a session at 2am i can often be prone to cognitive lapses and will forget to unplug the damnified USB elicenser from my desktop computer and put it in my laptop bag. A few hours later, when i get up to teach, my cognitive functionality has degenerated further and i re-forget to go down to my studio and extract the damnified USB-elicenser from it’s preferred position up the rear of my DAW. The previous night’s wonderful composition exercises on modes of limited transposition (for instance) i had planned to demonstrate live, with midi keyboard and Dorico, are sitting beautifully on the cloud ready for my perusal… but after the real world wake up call of 90 minutes of traffic congestion and 13 coffees i realise for the second time in 7 days that I have forgotten the dongle.

At this point I get frustrated and these are my thoughts - A) why can’t we have a dual installation possible from one purchased copy? One for home, one for laptop. Is this too much to ask for? B) Why can’t I transfer the license off the USB-elicenser to my soft-elicenser AT ANY TIME. ie log into My Steinberg or e-licenser control center and just take the license off the dongle and put it on the soft-elicenser. Man! how hard is it!?

Anyway that’s my rant over. I feel much better. Thanks for being around forum. I am now going to very consciously and dutifully pull the damnified usb-elicenser out of the rear of my DAW in preparation for tomorrow’s exercises on the wonderful symmetry of diminished harmony :slight_smile:

PS anyone suggesting that a second copy is a solution - think about the cost of updating both copies over 10 years. for anyone suggesting purchasing a copy of Elements as a temporary workaround until Steinberg get their s#!t together, I could be convinced.

Why not get the college to buy its own licence? The cost of that is negligible to them compared with the total cost of running a course (which is a lot more than just paying your salary).

Elements is a good solution, as long as the project you created in Pro doesn’t have more than 12 players, in which case it will be read-only (which actually sounds like it would still meet your needs).

Put the dongle on the same keyring as your house keys. Problem solved :wink:

Or keep a 3x5" card where you stash your laptop bag when you return home from work. When you take the dongle from the laptop to work at home, place the 3x5 card with the words “REMEMBER THE DONGLE” on top of your computer bag to remind you the next morning.

Not that I do not support your quest for a better licensing solution from Steinberg/Dorico, but leaving yourself a note is a simple stopgap.

Yeah. I’ve asked. At the moment they are wedded to other (free) software and are not particularly open minded. I also use Dorico in one on one lessons at a couple of places and although it’s not really a big issue not having access in that kind of scenario its still frustrating not to have a way to access the software unless i have the dongle. I know it should be an easy thing to remember and im sure many people have no problems with it. All I’m sayin is I’m one Dorico user who does have a problem with it!

Derrek this is a fine idea. A 3.5" card will last a day or two in my studio before being lost under mountains of crap. But I’ll give it a try :wink:

Now this is also a very decent idea. I only lose house keys once or twice a year so i guess the replacement cost of the dongles might end up be being cheaper than second dorico license upgrades… :wink: kinda joking but not really!

Yes i think Elements is the way i’m leaning short term. Thanks for the suggestion.

Having Elements at home works well for me, though sometimes the 12-player limit is annoying,


If we could transfer back and forth between dongle and e-licenser (with an internet connection) that would solve the downtime of dongle failure. The license could only be in one place at any time.

I don’t see how. If your dongle failed then how would you transfer the licence off the dongle onto the computer? It also wouldn’t solve the OP’s problem (“I can’t use the software even though I remembered the dongle, because I left the licence on the other computer”).

Sadly I can’t provide any real succour here, except to say that we know this is a big problem and that we are working on a solution. If you, bullquartz, or anyone else reading this thread ever gets into a real pickle and needs to run Dorico right now but doesn’t have access to their USB-eLicenser, try dropping me an email (d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de). If I’m awake and I’m able to be near my computer, I can send you a time-limited activation code by return to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Leo, because it would already be on a computer. I’d only use the dongle to transfer it one way or t’other.

Ok, this is pretty stupid, but works for me, LOL. When I travel and need to use Dorico on my laptop, I always keep the dongle in the case with my IEMs (earbuds) as I’m almost always going to need to use them too. The case also protects it and ensures it won’t get lost as it’s pretty small. I never leave the dongle plugged into the laptop as that just seems like a matter of time before it would get snapped off, so I leave it in the IEM case when traveling. At home when the dongle is plugged in after removing it from the IEM case, I leave the case open and sitting out on top of my MIDI keyboard as a visual reminder that it is plugged in to my desktop. When grabbing my laptop bag and running out the door, I now have to be dumb enough to forget both the dongle and my IEMs. I’m sure it will happen eventually but for now this system seems to be working. :laughing:

Good on you Daniel, you are a champion.

Doesn’t seem stupid at all Fred. Good system.

These days, people seem to never forget bringing their phones, so why not use a GPS location alarm app as a Dongle reminder… :question: Some wizard should really program a dedicated DWA (Dongle Warning Alarm) :slight_smile:

Yep that could work. The phone is the one thing i never lose track of unfortunately.

Given that no one is ever without their phone, perhaps a way of authorizing use could be via a phone app? I know nothing of the technology involved, but where I teach, we can’t get into our email, or other campus databases until we log in, have something activated on our phones, acknowledge that, and presto, off we go. I leave it to others to actually, uh, make it work, but might this be a way to go so one doesn’t lose/break the dongle?