MEAP like audio export mixdown improvement

I’d like to see an improvement on the multiple channel audio mixdown like in the MEAP (Multi Export Audio Pro) utility application. Unfortunately it’s no more supported on the last Cubase 10 version since the GUI is totally changed and the author doesn’t want to support it anymore!

I know you can export multiple audio channel in a single operation choosing which channels you want to export, but in many cases you need/want an option to export every channel soloing it and exporting thru the stereo buss and then repeating this for each track.

Moreover it would be helpful to move the locators let’s say at the beginning and at the end of each part spanning the entire lenght of the track, (plus some adjustable tail) differently for each track and renaming the track with a suffix for example of the bar position number. So when it comes to put all the audiofiles toghether to make the mix and master in audio only project you know where to put exactly the file in the bar position whith the same BPM project of course…(why not automate that operation too??)

Well I found all those features in the amazing export tool utility MEAP (Multi Export Audio Pro)

Why not implement the same features in the next upgrade of Cubase??
It’s so frustrating to make “by hand” all those repetitive operations especially whey you have a lot of track to export in that way!

The most awesome thing would be “offline” export like you have in the video editor where you put several export states into a Cue List and then you leave the computer render/bounce/export all at once while you go to bed :slight_smile:

That would be the ultimate time saver.
-Working on project 1

  • Schedule Export stereo mix in wav
  • Schedule Export stereo mix in mp3
  • Schedule Export vocals
  • Schedule Export drums
  • And so on
    -Working on project 2
  • Schedule…
  • Working on…

Imagine at the end of the day:
Export all

And arriving the next day with all done.

You go home and your computer keeps working for you. All those times you lose watching the computer export, waiting just to choose the next option and export again…

+1 and folder export At the moment folders are regarded as the tool to organize tracks. I would like to see the folders in Mixdown Dialogue besides tracks, fx, groups and master

THIS, so much THIS, please.

Exporting each track as their own, disregarding their time in the project, has soooo many applications–chopping it up for artist to practice/ dissecting 1 long program into different sections/ chopping up tracks and save as samples…

I’ve been doing it manually since Cubase 7. The current batch export with cycle marker technically works (with custom macros for applying cycle markers to each track) but the naming function won’t work because it’s not channel dependent, so I would have to rename every file afterwards. Render in place doesn’t work because it doesn’t have the renaming function and file type flexibility of batch export.