MEAP or Similar for C6?

Does anyone know if MEAP is available for C6? Or if there is another program that does a similar function?

Am I alone in wishing this functionality was included in Cubase (without needing a 3rd party utility)? For my projects, I would like the ability to set a range for each piece or song, name these ranges and then setup the mixdown parameters and launch it - then go have a break while the machine runs. As it is right now I have to manually step through this process for each song. Wavelab has batch processing so I wonder why C6 doesn’t have this capability.

Thanks in Advance.

Meap may work with 6 using the Nuendo5.0/Cubase 5.5 settings…if not I’m sure it will get updated soon.

Why not ask on the forum at the MEAP site.

I’m sure you are not alone…but the vast majority of users probably work on one song at a timet & the only export they might need is stems of the whole song which can be done fine with the current batch export.


Thanks for your reply. I will probably check with the MEAP forum. I don’t have a registration there yet so I thought I would see if anyone here had already asked. If I do get any info there I’ll be sure to post it here.

You are right, my workflow probably puts me in the small minority, otherwise it would be integrated. Typically, I record 1-3 stereo pairs (or maybe a Decca tree) of an ensemble, chamber group or orchestra. A session usually results in 30-60 takes. If it is a live concert then there is basically 1 take per piece performed in the concert. I then need to perform edits - splicing different part of different takes to make a complete piece. When I’m done, I have the entire performance or “CD” in the Cubase session. I then record a reverb track from a hardware unit (M7) if needed. The process really gets tedious from here. Next I mixdown each piece to 32-bit FP/96 and then use an external SRC which outputs 32-bit FP/44.1. I then import into a Wavelab montage where I do minimal processing, use a mastering limiter and dithering and again mixdown to 16-bit/44.1. These new files are brought back into another Wavelab montage for CD master burning. As a side step I master a 24/96 version for playback on a high resolution system. I have searched but I can’t find a tool that improves this flow and provides the same quality of results. If Cubase and Wavelab were integrated into 1 product (and if Steinberg had a better performing integrated SRC) then I could save a lot of time.

So MEAP looks like it can help to add the missing batch function I need.


I would LOVE for this feature to be implemented. I multi-track numerous live shows and load the entire 3+ hour set (24+ songs) into one project. I setup up markers, mix, then export stereo wav files based on the locations of these markers. The final mixdown/export of these sessions is a huge waist of my time. I’m literally making two to three keystrokes and changing a file name. I really wish there was a way that this could automatically be accomplished by exporting and splitting at markers. I’m on a OS X too, so MEAP isn’t an option. Oh well.

We may not be in the majority, but there have to be a lot of Cubase users that need to do multiple exports per project. The number of keystrokes per mixdown is small but it is frustrating and a big waste of time to sit there for 2-3 minutes waiting for the process to finish. Multiply by 10-12 and you waste 30-45 minutes.

Relative to the other complex things added to Cubase, from a programming perspective it would be such an easy thing to add a batch export feature!

It is also a peeve of mine that I have to use WaveLab to master to CD. WaveLab is a great product and has a lot of features, but it kills workflow productivity to go to another tool to create a CD. The competing DAW Samplitude has this feature integrated. I’m not saying it is a better tool, but I like that they have this integrated.

Too bad that MEAP doesn’t support MAC. Maybe someone at Steinberg will consider these things for future feature adds.


Phil at MEAP has told me he has NO plans to upgrade MEAP for C6 :open_mouth:


Thanks for the news - but I’m sorry to hear it. Did he give you any indications as to why not?

:question: To anyone at Steinberg reading this: Any chance of an integrated mixdown/export batch processor in Cubase anytime soon?!? :bulb:

At first Phil replied “Unlikely to happen to be honest.”

"I am currently working on marker stuff for MEAP but Cubase 6 is a whole new ball game.

I was under the impression that much of what MEAP does has now been integrated into C6 anyway.

I will of course look into bringing it up to date asap. but it may take a while."

send Phil a message requesting a new MEAP for C6…I’d be willing to shell out an upgrade fee myself

Hi guys,

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you here.

OK my logic was that since C6 has pretty much all the main batch export features of MEAP there would be no point in updating, especially due to the huge amount of work that would be involved. Plus that obviously doing a batch export within Cubase is much more efficient than using MEAP - even if some of the finer detailed features are missing.

However, I have had a number of requests for this, from people like yourselves who primarily need the export between markers option.

MEAP as you may know, will export cycle markers and with the update released last week will now also export between single markers.

As a rough example of the new single marker option look here: (this was not the final release but it does show the feature quite well, although it has been made more efficient with the final release).

Or in the manual:

So, after considering this, it is indeed relevant that MEAP gets a C6 compatible update.

It will take a little time but I will get to work on it shortly. You can take it as fact that this will happen in the not too distant future.

Please stand by - There will be an announcement here:

When the update is released.

There will be a no charge for existing customers. It has always been my policy to make all updates free for existing customers.

There may be a small price increase for new customers though. When I say small I mean a matter of around £5.00 (certainly no more than that). Depending on the work involved.

I hope that helps.



Thanks Phil - this is really good to hear! I’ll keep a lookout for the announcement about the release.

7.60.480 UPDATE:

Added compatibility for Cubase 6
Added new mouse click routine to make mouse actions more stable
Added new key send delay to further help with some keys being missed
Improved text logging for marker exports
Improved email info for marker exports
Improved end dialog info info for marker exports
Removed Select All command when using Zero to Last Part Option to avoid all tracks being selected. This can cause trouble in Nuendo 4. Select All is still required for Start to last Part.
Reorganised MEAP graphics folder
Updated MEAP Shots application to work with Cubase 6
Some more code optimisation
Updated and corrected manual in some areas
Removed non essential Free utilities to save file size - All utilities can be downloaded from web site:

Free update for all registered MEAP users.

There will be a small price increase to MEAP for new customers on March 1st.

Please note, as usual, if you are using any custom MEAP graphics you will need to replace them after installing the update.

All users are reminded to read the manual carefully.

Thank you.

The new Key Commands are VITAL for this to work correctly!

Thanks man. You’re THE MAN.