Measure effect loop delay problems (RME UFX)

Hey guys.

Im using some hardware eq and comps with Cubase 7.5 and my RME UFX interface.
I have never been able to get the measure effect loop delay working when using my hardware as external FX.
It always just reports 0.00ms.
I can see the ping signal on my UFX meters and the gain reduction led’s on my comp working when I try to measure.

Any ideas what can be causing this?
It worked fine when I had a MR816 interface with Cubase 5.

This has been a known issue with Cubase and RME interfaces (I have a Fireface 800) which goes back several versions and still has not been resolved despite the following undertaking in Sound on Sound Dec 2011 issue of Cubase Notes - Using Outboard Gear:

" it is possible for an interface to report negative latency, and Cubase’s external FX can’t cope with this"…

While there are a couple of workarounds suggested in this article, the author goes on to say:

“unfortunately this does not work on my system (Cubase fires the signal out , but the compensation remains set to zero), and still can’t compensate for negative latency. I’ve mentioned this to Steinberg, who recognize that there’s a bug, and have said they’ll fix it in an update during the current product cycle”.

Probably not going to happen because not enough people are affected and SOS won’t follow up. This has been the thorn in my side with Cubase, as I rely on external FX with my hybrid setup, I’d really like this resolved.

What a bummer…
How do you manage this? Any workarounds to share?

Please fix these kinds of things Steinberg instead of spending your time making the GUI grey.

Any news on a fix for this? There are a LOT of people that really like the external FX options - and the ping function was excellent. Steinberg - please fix this as soon as possible… I am trying to use external FX, and the delay compensation is not working correctly. All too often, it reports a delay of 0ms, which I know is incorrect.

Somewhere in here I read that there is a rewrite of the external efx and instrument portion coming in a future version. To lazy to search for it now. Just remember my relief that it was looked into. I really want to ditch my patch bay and connect every outboard gear permanently . I/O’s are cheap these days.

That is good to hear… I hope that future version is not far away. Yes, the integration with instant delay compensation is AWESOME. I hope they can get it working correctly again soon…

Can’t believe this still has not been fixed in Cubase 8. Very very disappointing.

Indeed… I have quite a bit of external hardware I still enjoy using. Also, if I am producing something for a client, and the client brings in their own external FX box, I need to be able to integrate it with my setup. I am having to do whatever calculations are required manually currently. It is much more time consuming than just pressing “ping”.

Steinberg, please fix this as soon as possible. It is a great feature, and very helpful and important for users such as myself.


Using Cubase 8.5 and checking latency on external fx sometimes gives a reading and sometimes doesn’t. Wonder why that is? Clearly no way to verify if the times it gives figures that they are correct or whether its just part of a random software glitch.

All my external fx is on AES connections through Lynx Aurora converters so I assume there is no D/A conversion step as the signal remains digital, so delays must be in the Cubase to thunderbolt dock to USB interface and round trip through the individual external FX.

Bit surprised that when Cubase does report the latency the differences reported.
I have 4 external hardware FX units. And these are the figures seen to date.
1: Bricasti M7 17ms
2: TC Electronics M3000 54ms
3: TC Electronics Fireworx … nothing ever reported
4: TC Gold Channel … nothing ever reported

Monitoring latency on the Lynx is reported at around 7ms in device set up (so this could be a rough roundtrip figure to converter and conversion time)

Sample rate set at 256 when above reported. Trying to test at different sample rates but cannot get consistent action in the software to give me figures.

I too hope Steinberg manage to fix this, currently my only solution is trial and error guesswork which is taking a disproportionate amount of time. Given the money invested in the external fx and the software this is clearly a weak link in workflow.

I would be interested in any figures others see on their hardware FX.



This is still a problem in 2016 right? I’m having the same problem, pinging my hardware, there is an audible delay, but it’s reporting 0ms.