Measure external Synth Loop delay for delay Compensation

To calibrate External Synth, we know can use:

It would be more convenient if we could have a button in External Instruments Parameter Window “Measure external Synth Loop delay for delay Compensation” just like Measure “Effects Loop delay for delay Compensation” for external effects.

I think this saves lots of time for those who work with external synths. What do you guys think?

I think this will be a new feature with MIDI 2.0 I hope.

The reason I think this was never done, is because of the jitter involved with MIDI - the timing is never accurate. It’s not like clock sync’d AD/DA which is sample accurate.

Jitter is supposed to be reduced with MIDI 2.0, which means potentially delay compensation could be utilized.

For now, if the result of the new feature is comparable with the one with the test projects that I mentioned above, it’s great. Not looking for .01ms accuracies here.