Measure numbering

I’m now using SL9 as an ARA effect in Digital Performer. I often begin my sequences at bar 0 (or something else), for pickups or countoffs or plugins that don’t like to be hit with audio immediately for some reason or for film work. But it seems that SL always begins its measure numbering at 1. This becomes confusing (I know, I only need to adjust by 1, but is it add in DP/subtract in SL, or vice-versa? It seems like I have to figure it out every time…) Is there any way to change that?

I’ve installed Digital Performer 11 but couldn’t manage to go before bar 1, how do you do that ?

@tonycore Ok I figured out, in Digital Performer you have to go to Project > Conductor Track > Insert Measures and check “Maintain”.

Now concerning the issue you’re having, it’s due to Digital Performer not correctly reporting the negative time to SpectraLayers, instead it tells the very first bar of the project (be it bar 1, bar 0 or bar -1) is still considered time 0 instead of correctly reporting a negative time.
I’ll try to get in touch with the Digital Performer team about it.

Thank you. I have been using the “Set Chunk Start Time” command under the Sequence menu in the Status Strip to change the start time of sequences.

I have to say, it is awesome to be able to use Spectralayers within DP!