Measure numbers below non-Slash Regions?

Hi All!

I’m working on a detailed drum set part for a big band. I’m using slash regions wherever possible but have some hits over time. I’d like to indicate (8) under the 8th bar but also have some hits above. I’ve used a slash notehead to get the slashes so I can put hits above the staff, and don’t know how to turn on measure numbers, or if it’s even possible.

Top staff is bass with the (8) I want. Bottom staff is drum set with slash noteheads entered.

How would you get this done?

You don’t need to use a slash voice if you also want to show other notes: you can keep the slash region, and show the other notes alongside:

Ok…that was easy! Hahaha. I swear I look at that properties panel a thousand times a day…

I appreciate that @Lillie_Harris!

Ah, deleted as Lillie beat me to it …

Slashes also can end up adding a lot of unnecessary visual clutter too. Another cleaner option can be to use 1-bar repeats, which don’t then contribute as much to the horizontal spacing.

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I’ll play around with this a bit. Always trying to improve my drum charts!

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