Measure numbers in other than top staff

I am trying out a piece in Dorico for fl/cl/vn/vc/perc/piano. Thankfully, the percussion is just vibraphone/marimba!

I can’t figure how to have measure numbers appear over both the top staff and the piano staff (which I have at the bottom of the system). I can see measure numbers only on the top staff.

Can I control where I want numbers to appear?

And is there any way to change the font of the measure numbers?

David Froom

At the moment you can’t specify which staves bar numbers should be drawn on, but this will be added in future.

You can change the font style used by bar numbers in Engrave > Font Styles.

Again, as always, many thanks!
David Froom

Does this apply to rehearsal marks too?

Writing for concert band I’d like them to appear on the piccolo, trumpet, and percussion parts. Thx

Rehearsal marks and tempo markings follow the settings chosen on the Staves and Systems page of Layout Options, but bar numbers do not.