Measures squashed together

I am having a problem in both write and engrave mode. After copying and pasting a measure, the subsequent empty measures suddenly become squashed together and are too small to work with.
If anyone can help me figure out how to solve this I would be grateful.
Thank you in advance.

There are two obvious explanations:

  1. The rests in the empty measures have gone missing. If this is the case, select the last visible note or rest before the entirely empty bars and turn off its Ends Voice property.

  2. There are a few possible variations on the same theme:
    2a. There is a System Break or Frame Break somewhere on this page with its “wait for next” property set. Go View > Signposts and ensure that System Breaks and Frame Breaks are turned on (they’ll show as purple flags). Locate and select the Break and turn off the “wait for next” property.
    2b. You have fixed casting off set in Layout Options. Go to Layout Options > Staves and Systems > Casting Off and see if the Bars Per System option is set. If so, you can always override it by adding a System Break in Engrave mode (or the Edit menu in Write mode if you’re using Dorico Elements or SE).

If it isn’t either of these, at the very least we’ll need to see a screenshot, and possibly a cut down version of the project itself.

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Thanks! Let me see which option works. I suspect that it might relate to the first option because I have been deleting rests to make the cross-hand piano notation easier to read.

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Where do I find the “Ends Voice” property? Thanks!

In the Notes and Rests section of the properties (bottom) panel.

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Fixed! Thank you so much!!

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