Meda Bay and Presets take forever to open

Hello Cubase users. For last couple of months I’ve been struggling with very annoying issue. Every time I open up cubase and I open Media bay for the first time it takes up to 2 minutes to show up. Well sometimes it shows up quickly but it freezes cubase for 2 minutes.
Very similar thing happens when I want to open presets list in any steinberg plugin, studio EQ for example. The list is empty and I wait for a minute or two to see all the presets.
I have Volume Database created on all of my drives but the OS drive. I can’t create Database on OS drive because of an error “Database creation failed”

I use OSX 10.12.6 at the moment.
My OS is on SSD
Addittionaly I Have 2xSSD (500 GB) with samples
HDD (3 TB) with documents and other files

I already tried reparing permissions with ONYX and disabling all audio folders from my OS in Media Bay (with exception of Cubase Presets folder)

When I open Media bay once and I keep it open it works fine. But every time I close it or I close cubase and reopen it takes again very long time to show up.

If You have any idea how to resolve this It would mean a lot to me.
Thank You

Anyone ? :slight_smile: