Media bay 1.1.30 issue

Still waiting for a working media bay. Not being able to see / use midi files within the media bay and even worse the latest Groove agent is quite a biggy for some of us. …It’s been quite a while since the it’s been fixed and a new version will be released message. Sorry for the slight rant (I love Cubase 13) but this is quite disappointing.

What 2 weeks? They said a fix was coming, calm down the world isn’t ending.

They said within two weeks if all’s well ,so make sure you have to correct info before you patronise someone

Where did I say the World was ending? Though this does make the media bay quite useless for midi file users…BTW they said it was fixed and a release will be fourth coming (I think the wording was “shortly”). Anyway thanks for your very informative and helpful reply.

Someone should’ve opened their Download Assistant this morning…

Is it there? Great going to check now. Thank you.

Why not just say that instead of Patronise ahhhh ?

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Hi matey. …I don’t know what it is about this forum. Every time I use it some sarcastic user always has to have a dig. Oh well, I did actually get the result I was looking for so in the end helpful even if the patronising response was unnecessary. See you back on the Cubase Pro FB page where people are actually nice and helpful.

What’s that supposed to show… this morning?
PS. Serious question

If you open your download assistant the new media bay will automatically download. From this morning.

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Yes, it’s a shame Ian , the proper Steinberg channels giving you gip for a totally reasonable question .

BTW i ve checked the temp files i made for you ( midi ) and they are showing up in the media bay BUT we still have the issue of missing kits , so it’s only 50% fixed

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I don’t really like these “auto behind the scenes” updates (those can really backfire - both us and Steinberg).
Are there no info and/or release notes anywhere for these kinds of updates?

Another question… Does this affect Cubase 12 as well?

This also has effected Chord pad presets…
I waited over a minute to access my small amount of presets located on an M.2. Drive… which has ridiculously fast read speeds…

Yup, new media bay but still getting error with some kit.

Weird, I fixed it again by deleting both the Steinberg MediaBay Server and Steinberg MediaLib preference folders but it took an extra step and Halion. Opening up the standalone GA right away after that found all the Factory stuff again with nothing marked missing, but NO user stuff anymore.

Closed it, deleted the folders again, opened Halion 7, let it finish doing its own scan, then reopened Groove Agent and let it scan. Everything is back to normal for now.

So this is still an issue huh? I hope a GA update is also due to be released alongside this. Interesting that the post by Puli, shows GA SE kits are not loading. This makes me reluctant to retry 5.2.0 version again. In relation to the kits added previously causing problems, I would like to know what Steinberg advises or if there was a reason for these being added to my library. I will post the screenshot again in the hope I can get some clarity on whether I need to remove these. I only have what came with GA Pro and C12 Pro. I have purchased no additional content.

I don’t know an answer , i tagged a member of staff , this morning for which i received a private message back which im not happy about , and there was no mention of passing the issue on to an appropriate member of the team . . They are not even acknowledging the issue .

So ive uninstalled GAse content , redownloaded , installed , told me there was missing content , im at this moment redownloading GA5 content and will install , if there’s any issues this will be my last Steinberg download . every single time for the last 3 years has been pure pain , pure nightmare , pure unproductive time wasting that i have no patients for any more and if im messaged without even an acknowledgement of the issue then i’ll look else where for my daw . C13 really was make or break

What does mean they are not acknowledging the issue? Is that normal? Did they tell you that? Unbelievable…

Im not turning this into a drama . There was no acknowledgement of an issue in the message i received , that’s it .

I’ve spent yet another hour and a half removing contents , downloading content reinstalling content to be in exactly the same state , so it is a Steinberg issue and ive had enough of these games , Im user , not an IT ‘wanna mess up my daw’ kind of bloke, if it works i use it , if it doesn’t … and it doesn’t !