Media bay 1.1.30 issue

Hi everyone,

I am not the representative of the MediaBay but I can assure your the MediaBay Team is aware of these issues are they are working on fixing them.

I regret my message was received as such but please do not tag staff member on this forum unless they were part of the ongoing discussion. Staff members who scan the forum regularly know whether they can be of any help for a specific topic or if they cannot. In this case, I am of absolutely no help when it comes to MediaBay. Why are we asking you to do so? We are part of the development team and not the support team. We want to spend our time effectively on making new features and fixing bugs, not provide support for any request on the forum. Picture that, you log onto the forum and you get several notifications for domains and features you are not involved in. This is not effective workflow for anybody and does not help improving the quality and support behind our software. The time we spend on crawling the forum is also time we don’t spend on fixing things, a healthy balance has to be found between both. I hope this clarifies the purpose behind my message. There was no other intent behind my message.